April 17, 2014
"If love is really the active practice—Buddhist, Christian, or Islamic mysticism—it requires the notion of being a lover, of being in love with the universe."

bell hooks

Agent of Change: An Interview with bell hooks

April 15, 2014

Got into a debate with anti wind-turbine heads today on Twitter. We’re doomed as a species. We’d rather our country be drowned in the ocean, then erect ‘eye sores’. But, scratch beneath the surface and it’s not long til you find climate change denial. It’s a scam you see, promoted by the manufacturers of wind turbines. Wake up, sheeple.

April 14, 2014
Disaster Communism


Environmentalism: the question is posed incorrectly from the beginning. There is no external object called “the environment” to which another object called “society” must relate. The question of the environmental crisis cannot be posed separately from that of society, as if it were some alien entity attacking us from the outside. At every point in history, human society is that which we have forged from the transformation of nature, and nature is that on which we depend for our continued existence; nature is part of human society and human society is part of nature. 
We exist in a state of profound interdependence with all forms of life – a condition we are unable to transcend, but merely develop in one direction or another. Our relations to one-another are predicated on particular relations to nature. The waged labour relation that is fundamental to capitalism required our estrangement from nature: the violent dispossession and expulsion of peasants from the land, and the enclosure of nature, its constitution as an object to be dominated and exploited was the founding event of capitalist society, a process intimately linked with the suppression and enclosure of women.x
Clearly, what we need is an anti-capitalism, but it cannot be one that simply takes over production and runs it more democratically. (In any case what system could outmatch modern capitalism in the production of endless junk?) 

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This is very good. It’s great to see the interdependence of humans and nature (and the realisation that there is no separation) described so accurately in the sphere of politics/economy and not just as Buddhist/Wattsian philosophising, expressed well here. (not that there’s anything wrong with that)

It’s also not to say this alignment is anything new. Gary Snyder’s “Buddhist Anarchism” has been with us for some time.

I’ve written and thought before about how such a world view, so often expressed in ‘hippy’ (ugh) terms/circles, would be manifested as political reality and as the piece says…it’s really an anti-capitalist system.

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April 14, 2014
Security Tips

3-Factor Authentication: A guy from Google cycles over to your house with an envelope containing your verification code

5-Factor Authentication: You have to fight and kill the guy from Google to get your code, which is tattooed inside his stomach.

10-Factor Authentication: Your verification code is in an ornate Chinese puzzle box, held deep inside a crypt full of traps and monsters.

100-Factor Authentication: You achieve total consciousness of reality in order to realise that there are no codes and there is no account to unlock in the first place.

April 12, 2014
"This is how the world works. All energy flows according to the whims of the Great Magnet."

— Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas - Hunter S. Thompson

April 9, 2014

This is good advice from Mingyur Rinpoche on how you can try and do ‘retreats’ at home/during mundane life. Might try the ‘at home’ retreat day once a month

April 7, 2014

As someone who has only ever seen half an episode of Game of Thrones, the internet is increasingly becoming gibberish to me. 

April 7, 2014

I’d just like to take a moment to wish my preferred doctor a happy birthday. Happy birthday, Dr. Seuss!

Dr. Seuss is a bodhisattva!


I’d just like to take a moment to wish my preferred doctor a happy birthday. Happy birthday, Dr. Seuss!

Dr. Seuss is a bodhisattva!

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April 6, 2014
I got all bases covered.

I got all bases covered.

April 5, 2014
"You need manure to grow vegetation, lotus flowers bloom in the mud."

— Maitripa